Guilt Free Treats

Wouldn’t it be nice to feast on some chocolate without the guilt? Even confectionary companies sell it as a “guilty pleasure”. Sadly, there are far worse things to feel guilty about than sugar content. There’s no use in ignoring the fact that chocolate production is rooted in a very unsavoury past. The biggest chocolate brands are typically opaque about the sources of their cocoa production – but some are becoming far more open.

Keeping production prices low results in workers on cocoa farms suffering mistreatment, underpayment. In extreme cases, they are forced into slavery. In much the same way that clothing manufacturers turn a blind eye to the source of their fabrics, cocoa farms are suitably far down the supply chain for chocolate company owners to feign ignorance of where their produce comes from.

But there is hope. Not all chocolatiers are like this! You can still enjoy a treat without involving yourself in unlawful labour. It can’t promise to alleviate the health-related guilt, but Tony’s Chocolonely can certainly make you feel good while tucking into some chocolate. Named for Tony’s feeling of loneliness in his quest for ethical chocolate, Chocolonely’s whole brand is based upon producing chocolate ethically and raising awareness for this issue. It’s a favourite snack of ours at WFTP, and you can buy it from our online store here. Enjoy!

Words By Alex Wilson – 04/12/19

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