Photography with Kasia Kiliszek

Hey Kasia, you’re a photographer who’s describes their work as ‘candid images that bring a meditative quality to mind’. Could you choose a photograph you are particularly happy with, that exemplifies this description? What conditions or surroundings do you find most suitable for achieving these qualities?

I don’t think it’s necessarily about the surroundings per se. In my opinion it all comes down to your inner state. When you are mindful and feel grounded while taking a photograph, hopefully the person you photograph or the viewer will feel similar. This picture was taken in January this year. I took my dog on a walk to a local green area and was mesmerised by the frost. It felt almost like the entire place was asleep. So peaceful and completely empty. It was pretty magical.

Kasia Kiliszek

When an artist or creative person builds a professional portfolio, they often seek to keep a clear theme throughout their work, and I can see that in yours. If you had the chance to do something that really differs from the work you do, what would you like to try?

Due to lockdown and lack of commercial work I suddenly found a lot of time to reflect on both my personal and work life. I’ve realised I’d like to focus more on personal work this upcoming year. In December I started working on a collaboration with a friend from NY and we are hoping to release a book together.  I’ve also started planning my first photo series as well but it’s all in the very early stages.


You’re very open on your website about the importance of working with socially responsible brands and companies when doing commercial work. Is it difficult to maintain this moral standpoint? Have you been approached by companies you aren’t willing to work with?

When I became self employed, it was really tempting to say yes to any photography jobs. I think as a freelancer, you tend to worry about money and stability quite a lot. Thankfully I didn’t have many bad experiences. And from the ones I’ve had, I learnt that you don’t have to compromise your own ethics to find work. With time you will hopefully start surrounding yourself with clients that share your ethos. Of course this takes a little bit of patience and determination but at the end of the day it feels pretty good to follow your inner compass.


What would you like to offer up as your WFTP hidden gem? – a boutique, Bristol limited-run film processing lab.


Thanks a lot Kasia, it’s been great to hear about your project. Please give us your links and social media channels so we can follow what you do.

Thank you so much for having me. You can find my portfolio and work at: @kkiliszek


Kasia Kiliszek

Interview by Alex Wilson

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