Illustration with Kate Aimers

Hey Kate! You’re a ceramicist and illustrator based in Cornwall. What are your earliest memories of drawing and making? If you showed your 10 year old self some of your work today, how do you think she would react to it?

Hey! Thanks for featuring me! So I have always been very creatively minded and come from a very artistic family. My mum is a mixed media book artist so I have always been encouraged to follow my creativity, whatever form that may take. I have fond memories of sitting in my mum’s studio collaging, sewing, printmaking and doing all sorts of creative fun! At ten years old I imagine I was still drawing blob people so to see the work I’m doing now I think I would be pretty amazed! My ceramics follow a long and technical process so I imagine I would be pretty impressed that I have managed to learn all the tiny details that go into it.

Kate Aimers Illustrator

Something I’ve always envied about visual artists is the prospect of a residency. Being posted up somewhere far away from home to focus solely on your craft sounds like it would be such an amazing experience. If you were offered a residency, where would your ideal location be? What about that location do you think would inspire your work?

Wouldn’t that just be the dream!?!? I would love to do a residency and it is definitely on my goals list for the future. Locally, i’m really lucky I live in a very talented place for ceramics, of course the most famous being Leach Pottery. I always keep my eye out for any opportunities on their page and have my fingers crossed something comes up to be able to learn from some real masters in this craft! Further afield, I would love to spend some more time in Amsterdam. I went for a break with friends a few years ago and fell in love with the lifestyle over there and it is bursting with creativity and inspiration!

You’re already a multidisciplinary artist, which makes me think you’re open to trying new things. Is there a medium or project you think you think you could apply your style to? If money was no object, what sort of work do you think you’d make?

Thanks! yeah so as well as the ceramics side of my business i also am primarily an illustrator. So this definitely still plays a big part in my creativity and would love love love to create more mural pieces around the country. I painted one in Kong’s bar in Cardiff a couple of years ago and just loved seeing my work on a large scale and the challenges that came with that ! I think if money was no object I would love to try out some new products for my online store. Making merch can be pretty pricey and the gamble you take not knowing if it will sell has always made me apprehensive to put the order in. so definitely would be trying all different types of merchandise if there was infinite money about ! Oh and also a shop, I have always dreamed of setting up my own ceramics shop with other artists’ work, a little coffee area and my own products…one day!

Kate Aimers Illustrator

What would you like to offer up as your WFTP hidden gem?

I would love to shout about my favourite artists! 

@helloitspansy – a lovely inspirational girl-boss running her own shop and workshops from her lovely store in Amsterdam.

@Oliviamhealy – stunning illustrations based on bodies, astrology, botanicals and many other interesting themes

@pollyfern – a beautiful mix of illustration and ceramics that are just so inspiring

Cheers Kate, it’s been great to learn about Grow and Bloom Studios Studios! Please give us your links and social media channels so we can follow what you do!

Thank you! 

Instagram @grow_and_bloom_studios

Kate Aimers Illustrator

Interview by Alex Wilson

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