Murals with Molly Hawkins 

Hey Molly! You’re a mural designer and painter, artist, and clothing designer. How would you describe your style? Can you name some of your fav route artists and inspirations?

Someone recently asked whether my art was meant to be like a ‘naïve Matisse’. I like this. I adore colour combinations, bold shapes and pattern. My work embodies loud forms to make for eye catching designs. 

I’m inspired by Folk Art in Mexico, India and Colombia. I was lucky to travel here and have a photo catalogue of figures, animals and colour combinations spotted on buildings, packaging, street signs, buses, etc… It’s a great resource for me. 

Keith Haring for his prolific production of work and creative ways of making art accessible. 

Monster Chetwynd for her use of large paper prints and slap dash painting, merged with giant puppets, costume and live performance.  

The Bauhaus Movement for I am ever trying to live by the statement ‘less is more’ but failing.

I don’t look at Matisse for fear of being too influenced.

Camille Walala who I am hugely jealous for taking over the world with her incredible patterns and large scale splashes of colour. 

I imagine having your work on display in the street, to hundreds of passers-by every day, must be pretty exciting. Is that one of the reasons you display your work on outside walls instead of in an art gallery? What sent you down the path of mural painting in the first place?

During family travels as a child, my younger sister and I would speculate over how the World was created. I convinced her that I had painted everything she could see. I’m not sure where this obnoxious thinking arose from, but my parents informed me that before I could speak, I was known for my intricate pattern arranging of fabric and objects. Since then, my eyes widen at any colours that pop or formations that ooze satisfaction. My first ever mural was for a Primary School in Manchester, depicting the history of child labour throughout the industrial revolution, using all brown and black paints, very figurative and textured. In fact, quite the opposite to what I create now… 

I enjoyed:

The simple, naughty thrill of painting on a wall. 

The fact my mural might exist years later…

Being covered in paint and scrambling around on scaffolding.

Putting my creative touch on a space and seeing how a bit of my personality is marked there. 

Could you give an example of a mural you’re particularly proud of, and tell me how it came about?

People love the Basket Ball Court I designed for organisation “Project In The Paint”, who create art for grassroots basketball courts in the UK. Their aim is to revive, and rejuvenate courts, to keep the sport alive in certain areas. This one is in Chelmsford, Essex. This was one of those wonderful Instagram connection moments! During lockdown pt 1, when scrolling was high on my to do list. 

What would you like to offer up as your WFTP hidden gem?

Co-Exist Community Kitchen! I collaborated with them earlier this year to create a mural for their new building in Easton, Bristol. They make cooking look creative and colourful! They host a wide range of outreach and community projects, and use food as a tool to support, bring people together and teach. 

Thank you for the chat Molly! How can readers keep up to date with what you do, and where can they see your murals, and buy your clothing designs?


BRISTOL based murals:

Wiper & True, St Werbs 

Om Burger, Stokes Croft

Devon Road, Easton 

Church Street, Easton 

Co-Exist Community Kitchen, Easton 

Interview by Alex Wilson – 14/12/20

Molly Mural
Molly Basketball

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