Weekend:IN with Olivia Tripp

Olivia Tripp1. Hi Olivia, could you tell me a little about yourself? What do you do for work, and how did that influence your decision to start Weekend:IN?
Hey! I’m Olivia, I’m a 24-year-old Bristol creative and owner of Weekend:IN. 
After deciding not to attend university, I worked my way up from interning at a lingerie brand to managing their digital marketing. My time there was invaluable and I quickly recognised how much I loved supporting and working closely with independent businesses.

After three years there, I decided to take the leap into my own business, launching an influencer event focussed on gaining exposure for and sharing inspiring independent brands. The business grew from there, officially becoming known as Weekend:IN. We continue to bring influencers and brands together, but we also work with brands across their digital marketing and brand building. The goal has and always will be to grow and support independent and inspiring brands. 

2. Like you are, Who’s Flying the Plane? is a proud advocate for independent and small businesses. What is it that you think is so important about supporting them, and why do you think Bristol is such a great place for them to be?

Championing independent businesses is one of my biggest passions; I am fascinated by the stories behind their work, the people behind their brands, and the thoughtful products and services they bring to the table. From food, clothes, and homeware to jewellery, make-up and even my nails, I’ve always been drawn to independence as a consumer.
As well as the unique products to be found, a lot of my appreciation for independent businesses comes from truly getting to know more about the people behind the brand, the story and processes behind their products, and their beliefs and values too. Supporting independent business helps realise the dreams of the inspiring people behind them.
I’ve lived and worked in this dynamic city all my life and although I love to travel and explore different cultures, I find Bristol provides me with a constant stream of inspiring ideas and opportunities. It’s a city that fosters and promotes creativity and craftsmanship and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of its thriving independent scene.

3. Sadly, your funding pitch for your book, IN:Bristol, was set to end around the time Coronavirus took hold so it didn’t go as planned – but you haven’t let that shake you. You’re going to try again to fund it. What can we expect from the new book? Will the extra time you have impact it’s content?

IN Bristol will be a guide book that showcases the independent businesses that give Bristol its life and soul. The guide will be split into eight different areas, making it easy for readers to plan their trip or day around the different parts of the city. The guide will also include unique, interactive elements to help people plan their own routes before they’ve stepped out the door. 
All content in the guide will be honest and insightful, with trusted knowledge and recommendations to help people explore Bristol from the point of view of someone who lives here. We’re imagining both residents and first-time visitors wandering vibrant streets, our trusted guide book in hand, growing to love this city as much as we do.
Most of the venues featured within the guide have currently shut their doors, with some still operating for deliveries or takeaways. We’re hoping with the government’s support all of those businesses will be kept afloat during this challenging time, but we are aware there could be some changes. 
After this period is over, the independent businesses in Bristol are going to need more support than ever, and I hope our guide book can be a helping hand in that. 
4. We like to ask our interviewees to point us in the direction of a Hidden Gem. This could be a business, a maker, an artist, anything you like that you feel should get more attention. What would you like to recommend?
Ooh, tough to pick just one! I work with and follow so many… 

I’d love to shout out one of our newest clients at Weekend:IN, They’re a new CBD drinks brand that launched a few months back. With a mission to share CBD with the world, INTUNE was brought to life by a team of taste experts using first-class CBD to create an amazing tasting drink, helping people to find their focus.⁠ Their delicious CBD drinks are just what I need to help me stay focused during this time. (I think a lot of people could benefit from that right now!) They’re also currently getting involved in some great initiatives currently, supporting Kings College Hospital Charity and Hospitality Action, so it’s great to support them with this.

In Tune Drinks  
5. How can our readers support and follow you? What are your social media accounts, and how can we keep an eye on your progress?
Instagram is our place! You can follow my business, Weekend:IN here, and IN Bristol here. We’re currently in the process of creating an ongoing newsletter for Weekend:IN, curating our favourite brands to be following right now, and some insider knowledge in the world of independent business. Head over to our website to sign up to that!


Interview by Alex Wilson

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