Positivity in Self-Isolation

With Coronavirus negatively affecting lives the world over, it’s reassuring to see the huge number of creatives, entertainers, and the occaisional business are doing their bit to improve morale. Over the last few days I’ve noted down a few things that I think are the most fun, so here’s what I’ve found:

1. Comedian, band leader of Alex Horne & the Horne Section, and host of Taskmaster, Alex Horne has let his Twitter followers know that he is planning on setting tasks that we can all undertake from the comfort of our own homes. Make sure you follow him on Twitter to see what he comes up with.

2. Classic synthesizer manufacturer Moog have released their Model D mobile app for free to encourage creativity. So if you’re feeling musical, click here to download it. The app is a clone of the classic Model D synthesizer from the 1970’s. It can be heard on records from artists as varied as Stevie Wonder, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Abba.

3. Music sharing website Bandcamp has announced that they are waiving the fee that they take from artists to encourage people to upload to their website, share music and encourage the support of creatives. If there was ever a perfect time to buy some new music, it’s now!

4. Comedian and actor Noel Fielding has started an Art Club from his Twitter, encouraging isolators of all ages to use their time more creativiely, and share what they draw with him. Follow him to join in with future Art Clubs.

5. Astronaut Scott Kelly shared some tips on coping with isolation. Having spent a full year in space alone without being driven to distraction, it seems that his advice is most likely very useful! Click here to read the full piece he wrote for the New York Times.

 Alex Horne Twitter   Noel Fielding Twitter 

Words By Alex Wilson – 30/05/19

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Illustration with Poan Pan

Illustration with Poan Pan

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