Rock N Rumble

An incredible experience for both competitors and spectators, Rock N Rumble returns in 2019 for what promises to be a thrilling night of wrestling! We’re all familiar with a sponsored marathon, a mountain hike or maybe a bungee jump – but who’s ever seen their freinds dressed in glittery lycra and legwarmers, trapped in a headlock, all in in the name of charity? Only the lucky few. Now’s your chance to give your friends the gift of that sight! Sign up to Rock N Rumble to compete to be a wrestling champion while simultaneously raising money for Temwa.

Contestants will receive 7 weeks of training from Olympic wrestling coach Saeed Ismali. There is so much more to gain from this experience than just wrestling skill. Saeed’s methods aim to improve the contestant’s strength and fitness, as well as their physical confidence and mindfulness. What more could you want?

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If you aren’t keen on participating in the wrestling, you can attend the final live show, which Temwa co-founder Jo Hook has described as “electric”! The event takes place on the 15th November 2019. Follow Temwa on social media for more details and information about tickets closer to the date.


Words By Alex Wilson – 12/09/19

Pictures – Jim Ross

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Illustration with Poan Pan

Illustration with Poan Pan

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