WFTP in Partnership with Temwa 

We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with Temwa, an international development charity who do fantastic work with communities in Malawi. In the near future I will talk to their founder, Jo Hook, about the incredible, eventful and challenging adventure that running Temwa has been.

I am proud to announce that I am going to be cycling from Bangor to Bristol raising money for them. If you are able to help in anyway, I would be very grateful for your support! Please follow this link to donate:

 Virgin Money Giving 

Here is a bit more detail about who Temwa are and what they do:

“Temwa exists to end poverty and transform futures in remote communities. We currently work in Nkhata Bay North, an isolated and extremely poor part of northern Malawi – itself the 3rd poorest country in the world.

Nhkata Bay North is often inaccessible by road, and the people who live there are politically marginalised, leaving them regularly neglected by the limited state services. Most of the population lives in extreme poverty in scattered villages, lacking access to basic amenities, markets and services. The challenges faced by the communities are often linked and negatively reinforcing, some of which include: chronic food shortages, high rates of HIV and AIDS, limited healthcare, unsafe water – exacerbated by population growth, limited basic education, frequent droughts and flooding, and minimal employment opportunities.

To address these complex challenges Temwa runs interlinked projects in partnership with local people designed to equip community members with resources and skills to improve livelihoods and increase opportunities for the community. Our coordinated programmes respond holistically to the needs of our communities by addressing cycles of poverty, not just symptoms, that centre on better service provision (including healthcare, education and water and sanitation), resilient livelihoods (through sustainable farming, job opportunities and protected natural resources) and increased opportunities for youth, women and marginalised groups.

Temwa’s work over the last 15 years shows that, given the right training, support and resources, communities can stop the spread of preventable disease, raise education levels, grow enough food to feed themselves, grow and market goods, and build resilience to climate and weather shocks. In all of our projects we build in a clear exit strategy – so our impact can continue independent of donor support. Our aim is to work ourselves out of a job.”

Please follow Temwa and WFTP on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with what we’re working on together. Thank you to Temwa for working with us!

Words By Alex Wilson – 08/07/19

Photography By Adam Dickens of “Taking Photos, Changing Lives

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